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about us

Telopia Tools is your knife and cutting tool maintenance service. We expertly maintain and restore your existing tools back to their original working condition, eliminating the need to buy new; saving you time, money, and hassle.

Our service is now situated in our new store in the Southern Highlands and we expertly sharpen knives, clipper blades, scissors,garden tools, workshop tools and chainsaw chains plus handle replacement and tool restorations on the premises.

 If your tools are beyond repair, Telopia Tools have a wide selection of premium new garden products for both home and professional use. 

Get the edge back onto your existing tools so you can get on with the job


our services

Knife and hand tool blade sharpening

Clipper blade sharpening

Carpentry and wood turning tool reshaping and sharpening

Handle replacement

Tool restoration

Chainsaw chain sharpening

Online store for new and restored vintage garden tools